Weekday Nursery School is proud to announce the return of our June  Bugs and Summer Camp Programs! Join us this summer for our “Summer  Adventure Program”, a creative and enriching program for young children  to enjoy the month of July among old friends and new. Throughout the  day, campers will enjoy exciting, well-planned activities with daily  games, songs, art and music led by established teachers.

Each  week of camp is theme centered, energizing, and especially geared to  the campers’ ages and interests. Children will participate in group  time, enrichment time, snack, and outdoor time. Campers will enjoy daily  water play as well as ample time on our amazing outdoor play space and  our Nature Trail. Every Friday we will walk to Roosevelt Park and have  pizza for snack when we return to Weekday. We are happy to provide a  very flexible schedule for parents. You can choose days, weeks or even  the entire month of July.

Please keep in mind that there is a 5-day minimum.

Weekday  Summer Adventure is staffed with the same high quality teachers who  work in our school during the school year.  There will be a CPR and  First Aid certified teacher on site at all times.

Days may be added throughout the summer if there is space available.
Potty training is required before enrolling your child.
We DO NOT allow any “swim diapers” during our water play.

Week 1: July 2-6 CLOSED Wednesday, July 4th: Radical Robots
Power  up your engineering skills! Our campers will spend time exploring,  imagining and constructing Robots with their favorite loose parts. Kids  will enjoy the endless creative possibilities using many aspects of the  STEAM curriculum. We will share ideas to create and build Robots large  and small.

Week 2: July 9-13: Sink or Float?
Let’s  explore and discover which things float or sink. Boats are  fascinating.  There is something surreal about leaving the land behind  and traveling across the water.  It is intriguing that all of that  weight, which would otherwise sink to the bottom of the ocean, is  floating because of the boat. By freely exploring with materials,  children learn the scientific process. They make hypothesis about why  something happens, and test out their own theories. We will be our own  shipbuilders!!

Week 3: July 16-20: Super Hero In Training
Get  ready for an adventure of heroic proportions while learning to be a  superhero! Your heroes get strong and mighty in the gym, and build  super-smarts exploring science experiments. Campers design their own  super-logos, masks, and more to create the perfect superhero secret  identity. Non-stop, action-packed fun for all! (Children are welcome to  dress in their favorite Superhero costumes!) Superman, Spiderman, Wonder  Woman, Batman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles… Don’t forget your capes  and masks this week because we’ll be flying around fighting crime and  using our super cool powers.

Week 4: July 23-27: Jurassic Journey
Let's  take a trip back to the prehistoric world of dinosaurs! Children will  be both the Paleontologist and a dinosaur! We will explore the  prehistoric world dinosaurs lived in, different dinosaur types, dig for  fossils and hunt for Dinosaur eggs! Watch out, your child will be  ROARING with enthusiasm and knowledge!.

Week 5: July 29-August 3: Rainbows Rock
Enjoy  the science of the rainbow as we mix up our own colorful palette. We  will create art and experiment with colors all week. We will even have  Tie Dye Tuesday!

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