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 "If children don't learn the way we teach them, then we must teach them the way they learn." 

 ~Dunn and Dunn 


The  mission of early childhood education at Weekday Nursery School is to  develop a love of learning and develop a lifelong dedication to learning  from the outset of a child’s formal education.

Each classroom is  designed specifically to meet the academic, social, and emotional needs  of young children. Each classroom has a Head teacher  and an assistant teacher and depending on the number of children, a  classroom aide. Our early childhood head teachers hold advanced degrees  in early childhood education while the assistant teachers hold a bachelor's, an associates or a CDA.

The  early childhood education program at Weekday is guided by a philosophy  of progressive, developmental learning based on the model: “play is the  work of young children.” The curriculum for our two’s is developed with  the same expertise, care, and attention as the curricula for our Senior  Pre-K program. Students have ample opportunity to develop language arts,  math, science, and motor skills, as well as social and emotional  development. It is understood that each child will progress through  these accomplishments according to his or her own timetable. All of  these goals are met by using a multi-sensory approach to learning.


It  is our belief that through active, hands-on learning experiences, a  child is able to develop in social, physical, intellectual, cognitive  and emotional domains; what we refer to as the “SPICE” of life. Teachers  plan a developmentally appropriate curriculum that is integrated into  the areas of creative art, gross and fine motor skills, literacy and  dramatic play. All of these promote positive social interactions. Our  classrooms offer age appropriate materials that allow children to work  at their own pace and at their own level. We provide and maintain a  classroom setting that is emotionally secure, supportive and planned for  independence. Taking initiative, assuming responsibility,self-helpskills and decision making will be encouraged at all times to promote a child’s self-esteem and confidence.

Our  understanding that each child learns in a different way, and at a  different pace, directs an individualized academic program in which  teachers work carefully to determine how to incorporate appropriate  alternatives into each child’s learning experience. This commitment to  individualized learning is what distinguishes Weekday from other nursery  schools.

By the time a child has completed the early childhood  education program at Weekday, they have acquired the fundamental skills,  self-confidence, and familiarity with their environment that ensure  success in elementary school and beyond. 

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