Monday/Wednesday/Friday Terrific 2's 9-11:30 *Must be 2 1/2 by September 1

Tuesday/Thursday Terrific 2's 9-11:30 *Must be 2 by December 15th

Monday/Wednesday/Friday PM Terrific 2's 12:30-3:00

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Children grow and develop so rapidly at  this stage of development that we try and keep children within a 6 month  age difference in one class so that we may work on specific verbal,  social, cognitive, physical skills and self-help  skills.  Our goal for all of our 2's is that they will come to a  nurturing and safe place that they call "school". They will learn how to  separate from Mom & Dad and understand that they will come back to  get them. They will learn to play with other children, to take turns, to  sing songs and act out stories. Our morning consists of indoor open-ended art activities, story time, play time and time on our 2 outdoor playgrounds.  Children are offered a multi-sensory  approach to learning: they will feel things, smell things, taste  things, hear things and see things to learn about the world they live  in. 

So..... How much will my toddler grow this year?

As your child continues to grow, you  will notice new and exciting abilities that develop.  While children  progress at different rates, the following are some of the common  milestones that your child may reach in Weekday's 2's program:

  • walking and running well
  • jumping
  • beginning to throw, kick and catch a ball
  • can stand momentarily on one foot
  • climbing on playground structure
  • beginning to ride a tricycle
  • builds towers of up to 10 blocks
  • will have developed left or right handedness
  • turns pages in a book one at a time
  • will have good thumb and finger control

Speech  development is very exciting for the teachers to observe as the  children become social beings and interact with each other.

Speech is becoming clearer and children begin to form sentences. 

These are some of the milestones for speech development:

  • has a vocabulary of 200-300 words
  • will begin to put 3 word sentences together
  • can name some body parts
  • names pictures in a book
  • may say his/her name and age
  • counts up to 3 objects

Our 2's teachers help increase your child's learning and emotional security by:

  • Giving them choices whenever possible
  • letting the children help with tasks in the classroom
  • allowing them to wash and dry hands independently
  • put on and take off his/her own jacket with help
  • participate in story telling
  • providing different art experiences
  • participating in large and small group activities