Moms and Dads and Grandmas and Grandpas and anyone else that love the kids of Weekday,

We  are adding a new resource to the Weekday website called Preschool for  Parents.  In this day and age of blogs and a million websites targeting  parenting and kids and school and success, none of us have the time to  sort through it all.  Our emails get bombarded with so much that it’s  tough to figure out what is worthwhile and what is not.

With the  introduction of Preschool for Parents, we will be posting links to  articles or books on how our kids develop and grow that we at Weekday  believe are relevant and are close to the core of what Weekday is all  about.  Every child is different in their own beautiful way. There is no  magic formula to parenting our children.  Parenting our kids is a  kaleidoscope of continually changing experiences that allow us to better  prepare them for life love and the pursuit of happiness.   And we hope  that some of the resources that we find and post can help you and us be  better guides to the kids of Weekday.

As we embark on our expansion of Weekday to the second floor and add 4 new classrooms in September,  2016 AND overhaul the outdoor play space to create a Nature Based  Playground, check back weekly for new articles and tips of the trade.

March, 2019